Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Demise of Margaret Thatcher Day

Today I learnt of the sad demise of Margaret Thatcher Day. For months that lone campaigner Peter Bone has struggled on, trying to give the British Public some amusement for the August Bank Holiday. Mr Bone's brilliant idea for making the August bank holiday a special "Magaret Thatcher Day" has unfortunately been discarded by his fellow MPs in Parliament.

All across the land, millions of people had been looking forward to building bonfires in August. The nation's children had been preparing to make their Mad-Maggie dummies so they could trundle them through the streets to beg money. And all were hoping for those wonderful Summer evening parties with food and drinks whilst burning the Mad-Maggie for Thatcher Day.

But now those spoil-sports in Parliament have robbed us all of this joyous occasion, and we will have to make do with the usual wet Monday off work this August.

A sad day indeed!

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