Friday, 28 February 2014

Angela Merkel Teaches David Cameron the German Language

Today I learnt of the amazing skill Angela Merkel demonstrated yesterday, in teaching our Great Leader David Cameron the whole German language in about 5 minutes during their meeting at Downing Street.

This almost miraculous deed was proven beyond doubt when Angela later presented her speech to Westminster. Most of those present had to wear the induction-loop headsets to listen to a translation of Angela's speech in German. Nick Clegg was one of the few who can speak German fluently, and so he needed no headset. However David Cameron, who previously could not speak German was able to sit next to Nick without a headset because Angela's superbly fast tuition had permitted him to understand every word without a translator.

I am so impressed by Angela Merkel's ability to teach the German language so quickly, that I intend to write her a letter and ask her if she will teach me also. I have a number of German friends, but I've only been able to pick up a tiny smattering of their language to date. It would be so wonderful to be able to suddenly understand German fluently like Cameron now can, that I really do want Angela to teach me.

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